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Dasenech is one of the 16 tribe found in the southern omo. Mainly there are 4 types of wedding customs inside this tribe. Darch is a kind of wedding ceremony happens when the boy’s family asks properly to the girl’s family to marry their son. If the boy is afraid of asking he will send his best friend at night to her family as a messenger. The messenger should have coffee bean on his hand when he goes to her house. Then the messenger should put the coffee bean inside on kind of bowl called Nono. Without being seen by her family and he goes back to his house. The girl’s family, at any time when they see the coffee bean inside their Nono, since they didn’t see who put it they would secretly search the person in their community. After the find the boy’s family they would prepare the coffee bean and invite them to their house to drink coffee together. While they were drinking coffee the girl’s family will ask if the boy have enough cattle, goats and sheep as a dowry. If they have enough, then her family would agree for the wedding. At first her family would order the boy’s family to bring 4 goats. Then the goats will be slaughtered and the front leg of each goat will be given to the messenger. Afterwards her family would ask additional 10 cattle to be given. Finally, the boy would take his wife.

Seriti the second type of wedding mostly practiced in southern tribe and tribealities. This kind of wedding happens when the girl does not agree to marry or due to lack of money of the boy’s family in order to pay for dowry. Therefore, if the boy’s family does not meet these criteria or if she doesn’t agree he will abduct her. Finally, the case will be handled by the elders and come up with a solution.Ayod is the type of wedding where the elder man of the house is married. At some point in time if he dies but if his wife is still alive, then his younger brother will marry her. Egutunais where the man who wants to marry the girl brings a lot of cattle to the girl’s family and takes the girl to his house and marry her.